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Our mission is to make each day important and every child feel special in the Whiteheath family.


Everyone at Whiteheath welcomes all new families with children aged between three and seven years old to our exciting and successful school where children, staff and parents enjoy learning.


Together we can make your child's nursery and infant school experience stimulating and successful and lay the basis for your child continuing to enjoy learning for the rest of his or her life.


At Whiteheath we:

  • encourage all children to respect themselves and others and understand their value both in the Whiteheath Family and in the world around them;
  • promote the personal development of all children by allowing them to make choices and take responsibility for their own learning;
  • We work actively towards developing each child's ability to think independently and communicate with clarity about their learning journey/the world around them;
  • rely on parents support and encouragement, for it is by our joint efforts that your child will have the best possible opportunities for progress;
  • have the highest expectation of our children. We have good standards of behaviour and high standards of achievement across the curriculum.

In essence, we aim to provide a stimulating and safe environment so that everyone can achieve their potential and feel happy to be part of the Whiteheath learning culture.