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Year 1

Year 1 will take you and your friends on an amazing learning adventure! You will meet dinosaurs and pirates and travel the world with some of the great explorers!


We start the year with finding our 'What Ruislip was like when our grandparents were small?  We use books, photographs, maps and artefacts to find out about and compare the past. We have fun creating healthy lunchboxes and keep healthy with skipping and speed stacking workshops.


Our next Topic is Let’s Celebrate when we learn about all the exciting celebrations that happen during the Autumn Term - Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. During this topic on celebrations we learn about Queen Elizabeth II as part of the school’s British Values Curriculum. We also start our yearlong topic on The Seasons, where each child makes a seasons diary filled with information that they gather as the year progresses. Each season we walk around our local area to observe and collect artefacts for display.


As we come back in the New Year we start our topic on Traditional Tales. As well as learning and writing about these stories we use them as starting points for fun activities across the curriculum. For example during The Three Little Pigs we walk around our local environment identifying different types of materials used in the buildings and then make 3D houses. As part of Cinderella we investigate the best material to make a mop.


Dinosaurs follows as our next topic. We use all that we learn to help us create timelines of dinosaurs and a dinosaur diorama. A hunt and nature trail are also part of this topic. We also spend time reading fun stories about dinosaurs even including one about Pirate Dinosaurs which leads us nicely into our next topic …


Around the World. In this exciting topic, we explore the world’s continents and oceans and look at the world through the eyes of great explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook. This takes us on to one of the highlights of the year – Pirates! The children find out about real and fictional pirates, including Blackbeard, and make pirate hats and treasure maps. The term culminates in an action-packed pirate day with the staff and pupils dressing up as pirates!


Explorers is our final topic of the year. We will be learning about famous explorers and be having our own adventures when visiting Ruislip Lido to hunt for plants and minibeasts. We will also finish our Season Diaries that we have been working on all year by observing and comparing the changes each season brings. We also design and make kites to fly on the lido beach before having a picnic and playing on the pirate ship.


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