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Aims, Values and Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is . . .


We want a Whiteheath child to be a curious and inquisitive learner, who wants to ask questions and find answers.  By doing this their knowledge and skills will deepen and become more embedded, therefore, ensuring our pupils' know and remember more for their continued learning.  At Whiteheath 'Thinking skills' are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Aims:

Whiteheath Infant and Primary School is a community of learners where everyone can be successful and strive to continually improve on their personal best.

The school will try to:

  • treat all children fairly, care for them and ensure their safety
  • ensure that all children are well taught so they achieve the best possible academic results
  • help all children to develop a sense of personal responsibility and an awareness of the importance of being considerate and caring towards other
  • provide an educational service that meets the individual needs of all children within the school community
  • keep parents regularly informed about their child’s progress and about all aspects of school life
  • be welcoming at all times and offer parents the opportunity to become involved in the daily life of the school
  • promote physical fitness and an awareness of the importance of personal hygiene, exercise and diet
  • develop in each child an understanding, appreciation and respect for different religions, beliefs and moral values. Through the development of tolerance and mutual understanding we seek to prepare children for living in a multi-cultural society
  • provide children with a broad and varied educational experience which incorporates the National Curriculum and fully embraces physical education, the arts and music
  • and look for opportunities to instil within children  the core values that underpin our school curriculum and school motto ‘Learning, Fun and Friends'.


Our vision is...   


Our school moto; “Learning, Fun and Friends"


 Our vision is that a Whiteheath learner is confident to ask questions about the ever changing world around them. We encourage the children to take risks in their learning inside and outside the classroom through a rich, diverse curriculum.  Teaching is fun, pupils are enthused and supported to achieve their very best to leave our school as lifelong learners.




Our Values



Our school is...

  • A safe and happy place to learn

  • A vibrant community where we respect one another

  • An inclusive environment where we develop a love of learning

  • A place where everyone is challenged, and their unique qualities are valued

  • A setting where we develop logical and creative thinking