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History at Whiteheath Infants is designed to help pupils understand how the past can be divided up into different times, and to recognise and understand that there are similarities, differences and connections between different eras.


It develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past within Britain and the wider world; how and why some things change and some remain the same; why events take place and the outcomes that follow. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn about the impact that events from the past have had on the modern day with British values threaded through.


We provide a framework of historical skills for the pupils to draw from which we hope will ultimately inspire pupils’ passion and curiosity to know more about the past. Artefact handling, day trips and themed events all contribute to make the subject a vivid and stimulating area.


History is taught within our Dimensions learning themes. In the Early Years, pupils observe changes in their personal experience, talk about past and present events in their own lives and build up everyday vocabulary related to time. They will be developing their knowledge and understanding of the world both independently and in groups.


In Key Stage 1, pupils look at changes within living memory, as well as studying significant events in the past. They learn about significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. Through stories, drama, artefacts and trips, they also focus on comparing their own experiences to significant events and periods further back in history.


Year 1 learn about significant historical events, people and places in their own locality, Ruislip


Historical enquiry

Historical enquiry is the process of asking questions about the past and finding answers by exploring the sources left behind from the past. It involves children becoming ‘history detectives’ who ask questions and search for answers by sifting through evidence. Historical enquiries can focus on a significant individual, an event or a change. Meaningful learning occurs when children are challenged to think critically when analysing evidence from the past.


Examples of historical enquiries that different year groups will be exploring to find out more about the past might be:


Who was the more effective queen? A comparison between Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II. (Year 1)


Was Josephine Baker an inspirational historical figure? (Year 2)


Finally, the school has a Humanities Highway display on which each year group proudly signposts examples of its work and enquiries. This shows how children build, grow and link their historical and geographical skills and understanding as they move through the school.



Our Humanities Highway display allows children to show how they

progress through History and Geography as they move up the school